I have failed

It's been a while since I posted anything, especially taking into consideration that I only wrote 1 previous post, haha. But I won't sugar coat anything and just be very honest - since the lock-down was lifted, I was struggling to find enough time to do anything associated with music. At first, it felt like I was being dragged into a funnel of daily routine and responsibilities, and I did feel quite depressed about it. While being on quarantine, I had so much free time to actually do what I love the most, and then my time started to fill out with other daily matters that were stealing from my time that I could devote to my passion.

But then I realized, that now I know better - that "high" I felt while doing music, that rush of emotions that were overflowing my existence - it's just too good to give up. And that I am ready to fight for it, and work hard to take what is mine. Of course, you can't feel happy and blissful all the time, and neither can you feel always inspired, but it's the hardest times that help us appreciate our good times. Everything in this world is dual: night and day, ups and downs; and one completes another. There's always a lesson to learn, a chance to get better, an opportunity to get closer to your goal. It's all about what you choose to see and to seek out in any given situation. So I choose light, I choose music, I choose living my dreams even when the whole world is against me. After all, if God is with me, why would I be fearful and doubtful? :)

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